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ON THE DEMISE OF CHIEF G.O.K. AJAYI, SAN@ the last of the finest has gone! -Kayode Kayode Ajulo


The death of legal colossus, one of the finest lawyers, Chief G.O.K. Ajayi at the ripe age of 83 is a rude shock to me, my family and law firm.

It is a painful and irreplaceable loss to the entire legal profession as he was in my summation the last of the finest lawyers in Nigeria, with his death a curtain has been drawn on a generation of lawyers.

A hero has gone, I am proud to have appeared with him in some cases and under his direction I recorded victory in court for the OPC Chieftains, Dr. Frederick Isiotan Fasehun, Otunba Gani Adams and others in their battle with the law in 2007.

He was truly one of the very last of the surviving finest breed of the first generation of lawyers in Nigeria.

He was great, his humble mien and strong advocacy with rare finesse stood him out. He was great indeed.

My sincere condolences go to his family, friends and entire legal profession.






As I return to Nigeria, the National Confence reconvening for full delibration today is on my mind.

We must get our act right this time, as some of us have invested so much in this project and the project called Nigeria.

We must all participate in the conference for the betterment of our country.

Though we can not all be delegates, but our quotas could be contributed as an observers, researchers, commentators, resource persons and even as
constructive critics and advisers.

Lets begin the conference, pick your phone and call your delegate/representative.

Remember, we must get Nigeria right.

A better Nigeria is possible.

Yes!, it is possible in my life time@kayodeAjulo




”Since my undergraduate days in the 90’s we have been agitating for the Conference to discuss our being as a Country and I am fortunate to have found great allies among the best in Nigeria.

As the full session of the Conference convenes tomorrow, 24th March, 2014, for full delibrations, it is my hope that all the delegates will be guided by good counsel to deliberate on issues that tend to bind us together as a Country than those things that will draw a line of divides.

In the aforementioned, It is also imperative that the delegates, observers, commentators as well as those showing apathy towards the Conference should ensure that we join hands together to make the Conference a success. Viva Nigeria @kayode Ajulo

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MAAMI- Baamofin Kayode Ajulo

mama ajuloEveryone cherishes his mother, but mine, Mrs. Princess Christiana Monisola O. Ajulo (Nee Adedeji) is exceptionally cherished.

She is my one and only that I can not compare her as one in a million, as Maami (as she is fondly called) is much more than that, my one and only.

She clocked 79 today, though I celebrate her every day, I cannot help it but to share my thoughts on this woman that has given me life and so much.

My mother is half educated, but ensured that we all had the best. We are eight with several others and we passed through her, today, we are all well and better educated! Continue reading


The man died!

The Great Madiba has passed on.

Mandela was iconoclastic and a quintessential freedom fighter.

He was a real Lion of Africa!

All that he was and all that he did was in the superlative.

His commitment and courage in the face of injustice was awe-inspiring.

He exemplified all the goodness and the essence of the godhead; courage in the face of injustice, grace in the face of rejection, love in the face of hatred, reconciliation in the face of discord, mercy in the face of contrition, humility in the face of adulation.

He had it all. A man of honour and integrity.

The magnificence of his being was in the realm of the fabled Greek gods.

His, was a true story of legend in the mold of Zeus and Achilles.

In the twilight of his life, he still had the strength of a man and yet the spirit of a child, seeing beauty in that which he beheld.

Mother Earth, not just South Africa or even Africa has lost one of her greatest sons.

His bright light shines on.

May his great soul rest find a much deserved rest in the bossom of his Creator.

Adieu Tata Madiba Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela.

A Tribute- Bamofin Kayode Ajulo


Ajulo Asks Police, SSS to Probe Muhammed- ThisDay Live



“I, as a law abiding citizen and one who has great hope for the future of this great nation, therefore, use this medium to call on the IG, the Director General of the SSS and other security agencies of government to look into the underlying messages being passed across to insurgents by these individuals particularly the recent one made by Mohammed ” ….Kayode Ajulo



A human rights activist and the Coordinator of the Egalitarian Mission Africa, Kayode Ajulo, has asked the Inspector General of Police (IG) and the Director of the State Security Service (SSS) to look into the of inciting messages being made by some individuals.

The lawyer who spoke to journalists Tuesday in Abuja,  described the recent statement credited to Dr. Junaid Muhammed in which the fiery public commentator was quoted to have threatened that there would be violence should President Goodluck Jonathan insist on running for presidency in 2015, as worrisome.

Muhammed was quoted to have said “…That blood would flow on the streets of Nigeria, should President Jonathan insist on running for the presidency in 2015.

However, Ajulo said if after seven days, the security agencies fail to take necessary action against Muhammed, he will be left with no choice but to take  action through the law courts aimed at putting a stop to such utterances undermining our peaceful co-existence.

“I, as a law abiding citizen and one who has great hope for the future of this great nation, therefore, use this medium to call on the IG, the Director General of the SSS and other security agencies of government to look into the underlying messages being passed across to insurgents by these individuals particularly the recent one made by Mohammed,” he said.

Ajulo said against the background of Nigeria’s foggy security situation where billions of naira and thousands of lives and property are lost in the insurgency of Boko Haram among others, any call for more bloodshed come 2015 is nothing but a coded language meant to instigate more violence.

He said security agencies must be alive to their responsibilities and should investigate people who make public threats about violence and bloodshed.

“It is on this note therefore that I make bold to say that in the event that our security agencies refuse or neglect to take necessary action within seven days of this statement I will be left with no choice than to take it upon myself to bring to an end any further action or utterances aimed at undermining our peaceful co-existence through the law courts

“I read with utmost disgust the statement in the media attributed to one Mohammed  targeted at a particular set of persons to be ready for war. Mohammed on the issue of  Jonathan’s re-election bid come 2015. I must state that it is becoming worrisome that in a democratic set up like ours, some persons can wake up and make utterances that threaten the unity and very existence of our great nation.

“This should be viewed very seriously by our security agencies and we must not be seen to fold our arms to such untamed and unguarded utterances. We must not forget in a hurry the aftermath of the 2011 presidential election when Alhaji Atiku Abubakar said the country will become ungovernable if Dr. Goodluck Jonathan wins that election. The dust of that post election mayhem is yet to settle.”

He said a thorough and unbiased perusal of Chapter VI of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) particularly Sections 131, 135 and 137 are to the effect that President Goodluck Jonathan is eminently qualified to run for the office of President of Nigeria.

According the activist, the issue of the re-election bid by a sitting president is something that is common in a democratic set up, adding that going through history, hardly can one find a sitting president who did not seek re-election.

“Sir Tafawa Balewa, Alhaji Shehu Shagari and lately President Olusegun Obasanjo all at a point sought for re-election, in fact one went as far as to seek a third term bid. Indeed the only African President that is known not to have sought re-election is Nelson Mandela of South Africa.

“It is my utmost view that should anyone  believe he has a genuine cause or can perform better than the present President, the person should test his  popularity at the polls.

“It is therefore my humble view that statements threatening war and bloodshed is an affront on the collective intelligence and well being of Nigerians and in sane climes such provocative utterances will not go unpunished or uninvestigated as same can undermine the very existence of our nascent democracy and peaceful coexistence, ” he added.

Source This Day

Knack Dem APAKO



When the enemies sit in their ASSEMBLY today for the IMPEACHMENT of your blessings, the Lord will appear like CHIDI LLOYD with a MAZE and knack dem APAKO!@kayodeAjulo

NB: Kayode Ajulo abhors and condemns any demonstration and promotion of violence in whatsoever form


 ”power, like life is transient”. Mike Akhigbe

In 1986, as the Governor of Ondo State, he drove straight into Aquinas College Akure during one of the then environmental sanitation exercises, went for my cutlass and made few strokes to show the students how to cut grasses better.

He then asked me and others some few questions and thereafter concluded that I will make a good lawyer.

I got some invitation to the Akure Government House for dinners with His Exvellency as well as joined him to play tennis.

In 1999 we became school mates at the Nigerian Law School, Bwari-Abuja. This is after he had served as Nigerian Millitary Vice-President.

While in Law School he enjoyed talking about his experiences in power and the vanity of life.

He whispered to me one night during the Law Students’ gala nite that power, like life is transient.

We were called to the Nigerian Bar in 2001 as lawyers bringing his 1986 prophesy to past.

During the discussion on President Yaradua’s Amnesty for the Niger Delta freedom fighters, I discussed with him his possibility of heading the committee after Prof. Gambari’s nomination was rejected, his response again is to the effect that “power, like life is transient”.

He has seen it all, was governors of some states, Admiral of the Navy, former Vice-President and a successful maritime arbitrator and lawyer.

A fine gentleman, a man of honour and dignity but unassuming, his was a case study of a man who having attained the pinnacle of his career as an Admiral of the Navy and with the opportunity of becoming a Vice-President still got himself enrolled as a Student at the Law School.

He was an inspirator, insightful and a good role model.

His dead at 68 years is a unfortunate shock to me. My condolence to my State, Ondo, Nigeria, his family and particularly, his lovely wife, Dr. Josephine Akhigbe.

Power and life are indeed transients. ADIEU, Sir.

- Bamofin Olukayode Ajulo,
Castle of Law, Abuja-Nigeria.


“this is the most trying time in the history of our beloved state” ….Gov Segun Mimiko

“a few weeks ago, when the news filtered in that our former governor, Dr. Olusegun Agagu had passed on, we were shocked and completely devastated
“in grief, we declared seven days of mourning and praying.

We also set up a burial planning committee to work in conjunction with the family, with a view to giving our departed former Governor a befitting state burial.

The committee which comprised top officials of our government and key family members left no stone unturned in giving the deceased a worthy burial.

In line with the burial plans, we waited anxiously to receive the corpse in Akure, when we heard the sad news that the aircraft bearing his corpse with other top government officials, some eminent Nigerians and close family members had crash-landed in Lagos shortly after takeoff.

It was shocking and very unsettling”“ It is particularly saddening that not only did this turn of events alter our original plan for the burial, it also caused us additional losses with the death of four top officials of the State and some other Nigerians who were on board the aircraft.“

The four state officials were: Barrister Deji Falae, the Honourable Commissioner for Culture and Tourism; Mr. Daji Bernard of the Government House and Protocol; Mrs. Esther Alabi, the State’s Liaison Officer in Lagos; and Deji Afolabi, a protocol officer in the Lagos Liaison Office.

Their sudden and untimely death is a colossal loss to us as a State and as a nation,””we have declared 3 Days of fasting and prayers in the state, commencing, Saturday 5th of October, 2013.”“we surely, never bargained for this.

Yet, all power and knowledge belongs to God as human wisdom and knowledge is foolishness before God” “ the souls of our fallen brothers and sisters rest in perfect peace even as we pray for God’s protection and guidance of our people in the State and in the Diaspora” – Olusegun Mimiko